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"This book truly captures the heart, soul, and beauty of undeniable love.  It's a treasure missed, if it goes unread."

...Mary Strother


"With her first book, Tails from Beyond:True Stories of our Immortal Pets, Dr. Redding has manifested joyful validation for all of us who have had visitations from our beloved pets who have passed on - we're not crazy, after all! Thoughtful and well written, these stories bestow great comfort on those bereaved by the loss of a pet. 

...Flavia Potenza


"Thank you for creating such a beautiful book.  The pictures and stories are so heartfelt . . . and poignant. They provide hope and inspiration to all pet lovers . . . ."       

...Susan Goodman


"The book is fantastic.  I loved the story of Poochie you wrote per my dialogue with you.  It was impeccable."

...Paula Blankenhorn

" I received my copy a couple of days ago, and can hardly put it down.  It is wonderfully done and the compilation of events has been very enlightening to me.  This is a marvelous book which I am recommending to all my friends.  Thanks for graciously
including my experience in it."
...Shirley Indelicato

"Tails from Beyond is a must read for pet lovers who have lost their beloved pets.  It is a collection of true stories about people who received unexpected but welcomed visitations from their deceased pets.  No two stories are the same.  After reading it, you will know that your pet is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.  I cannot recommend this book enough!"

...Charley Esch


"When I lost my beloved Pitbull Sadey (who was just 2 months shy of 20 years old) back in 2004, I was overcome with such intense grief. I could not imagine my life without her! I searched for books that would give me comfort but to no avail. I am so glad that Dr. Ann Redding wrote "Tails from Beyond". This book helps one to cope with such intense feelings of loss by giving readers hope that there is indeed an after-life with your pet. I recommend this book to anyone having to go through the pain and loss of a pet!

...Dawn Reed

" Tails from Beyond will educate and lift people's consciousness to the reality that all life exists beyond the material.  The message of the book is enhanced with beautiful colors and numerous photos."

...Jane Polland - founder of Harmony Acres Feline Sanctuary

"Tails from Beyond is truly a beautiful book which depicts heartfelt stories of animals which have passed on, and somehow from the afterlife have communicated with their owners.  It is colorful, not only in its physical attributes, but also for the spiritual message it carries.  It will surely provide aminal lovers with a 'window' into where their pets are going when they die, give comfort to those grieving for their lost pets, and hopefully, it will open the minds and hearts of the non-believers . . . and let them wonder if perhaps animals do have souls.  I highly recommend this wonderful book to anyone who dares to believe in those things which are sometimes beyond our understanding!"

...Ana Maria Bueno

"Life after death becomes a stark reality when one reads the stories in Tails from Beyond.  The photos and the art work are great. This collection of happenings must only touch the surface of the millions of unpublished occurrences that happen annually.  All of us who believe in the "Rainbow Bridge" are heartened to read these uplifting tales.  People who do not like shedding a tear now and then should not read this book.  It is bound to bring out the best in all of us.  Thanks for writing this great literary piece."

...Bill Mason (Sands), Author

"A wonderful read.  Anyone who has loved and lost a pet will find these stories touching, but best of all, will receive comfort in the knowledge that they are still with us, on the the Other Side!"

...Siouxsan Eisen

The subject matter of Tails from Beyond makes it an important book that is long overdue.  Each story brims with respect, humor, deep love and the spiritual connection that makes a close relationship truly special, regardless of species.  It seems to me that animals live in a state of grace and the inspirational tributes to the animals in this book celebrate that honest quality in them . . . .  Read this book!"

...Laura Uran

"This book is a remarkable expression of hope, peace, and comfort, but most of all, love.  The awareness it will bring,
no doubt, will be astonishing."

...Diane Tyioran

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