Ann Redding with her Poodles
Ann Redding with canine family
(from left to right) Tiffany, Trevor, Buzz, Chloe, and Westin in front.

My friends call me Ann. I was born in Rochester, Minnesota in 1941, and when I was three, my family moved to California, where I have lived most of my life. As a kid, I was tall, skinny, and forever playing outside, collecting caterpillars, frogs and fish, and running with my first dog, a brown miniature poodle named Co-Co. My mother was a bit perplexed to have produced such a “Tom Boy.” No doubt she would have preferred it if I had acted more civilized, like the other refined young ladies in the neighborhood.

I was not particularly interested in school until I took a class in biology at the University of Oregon. This class set me “on fire” and I began to excel academically in science. Some years later, in 1970, I graduated with a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Colorado. My husband was also a biologist, and we moved to California to begin our teaching careers. For twenty-seven wonderful years, I was a professor at Ventura College. When I retired in 1997, I was divorced and eager to begin a new life devoted to training my Poodles in agility. Writing a book was not on my agenda.


For most of my life, I did not believe in the existence of the soul or life after death for humans, much less for animals.  In fact, I rarely thought about it, except during long, late-night debates with my father, a medical doctor and devout Christian, who was always trying to convert me. The physical world was all that made sense to me, and death meant oblivion. However, when I was in my forties startling things began to happen to me, which challenged my scientific view of the universe. I have only touched briefly on these experiences in this short presentation.  In my book I have included many more details about these paranormal events.

One afternoon as I was resting by a swimming pool, I felt my “consciousness” literally separate from my physical body. Suddenly I was hovering over my body, looking down upon myself! As soon as I realized what was happening, I became afraid and returned immediately to my physical self.


Some years later, I had an amazing dream in which Pegasus visited me.  The dream was incredibly real, so much so that   it took me almost ten minutes to accept that my bedroom was reality, not the dream!

When I was fifty-two, my father died. Four days later, I unexpectedly received an insight that “the soul is energy.” The message had a profound effect on me. I knew instantly the words had to come from my dad because I knew that I would never think like this. The thought came out of nowhere and would be something my dad would like me to know. Now I had no choice but to abandon my materialistic, logical view of the universe and to accept the existence of a soul and a spiritual domain, where we go after death.

Poodles, Trevor, Tiffany, Buzz, Westin and Chloe

Trevor, Tiffany, Buzz, Westin and Chloe

My encounters with the spiritual world continued. Several years ago, I received what could not be denied as actual visitations from two of my deceased dogs, Tasha and Rudy. Eager to know more about my experiences, I looked for books about animals and the afterlife and was surprised to find few publications devoted exclusively to pets. Still seeking answers, I began to talk to friends and strangers and was delighted to find others with similar experiences. At some point, I got the idea that I should share these experiences and write a book.  A few weeks later, the title, Tails from Beyond, came to me, and I was on my way, writing a book I never planned to write.

Creating this book was exciting and invigorating, and it helped me overcome the intense grief I was feeling after losing my two poodles.  The book gave me a chance to honor my dogs who had returned to console me after their death.    I was happy to give other people the same opportunity to share their stories. As I wrote about other’s experiences, I became more convinced of the validity of my own encounters. Over and over again, I heard stories that seemed to confirm the existence of life after death. My life took on new meaning as I created the book. It moved me beyond the routine, mundane and selfish pursuits of self-gratification. The project gave my life a new purpose, a spiritual mission, to spread the good news that, indeed, there is an afterlife for our beloved pets.  The book became a gift of hope and consolation that would endure beyond my lifetime.


Ann Campbell with Sheltie puppies
As I was struggling to write the stories, Ann Campbell agreed to help me. Ann had submitted a story for my book, and I quickly discovered from our correspondence that she was an experienced and gifted writer, with a knack for telling stories. Her contribution became so important that I felt it was only right to make her my co-author.  I am very grateful for her help and friendship.  
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